BELTCAREConveyor Belt Vulcanizing

Over the years we have successfully completed thousands of splices on all type of belts in hundreds of different applications. Supra is a certified splicing company for Rema Tip Top and contitech. We have re-invested in equipment and workshop facilities and continue to make an on-going commitment to the education and training for all of our technicians. This enables us to provide the highest quality service to our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Supra utilizes the latest Shaw-Almex vulcanizing technology and Rema Tip Top Splice kit. We monitor and control every aspect of the vulcanizing process including:

  • Validating of all raw materials
  • Following belt manufactures recommended step length and splice length
  • Monitoring and recording pressure and temperature vulcanization process from start to finish.
  • Sample splice pull test for high tension and critical conveyor line.
Belt Repair
Supra provide all type of belt repair system, whether it is a puncture repair or a major longitudinal rip. The repair is done in combination of hot and cold vulcanizing method using the world renowned Rema Tip Top SC-2000 adhesive systems.

On site Belt Inspection
Supra provide on-site inspection of conveyor belt which have been stored for long time. The scope covering total visual inspection on top and bottom cover, pull test and cover rubber laboratory testing.


Belt Cleaning and sealing systems
Supra install and maintain Belt Cleaning and Skirting systems. Belt Cleaning systems require periodically checks to ensure cleaning efficiency and reduce carryback. Supra trained belt cleaner service technician performance blade change-out, tensioner adjustment, visual inspection of blade and carryback test. See more information at Carryback & Spillage Control.


Pulley Lagging
Supra installs all types of pulley lagging on all sizes and types of pulleys. Our lagging services are provided on-site and in-situ or in any of our service facilities. The on-site lagging is applied using Rema Tip Top SC-2000 adhesive system.

Supra provide both hot and cold bonding pulley lagging. The hot vulcanized lagging is applied using “automatic rubber strip extruder” – this machine require only one-man operation to watch the striping building process and require no manual / hand stitching.

Steel Cord Belt Scanning

Steel cord Belt Scanning is a preventative maintenance tool designed to repairs and minimizes instances of catastrophic belt failure and unplanned conveyor system down-time.

Available as a permanent installation or as a periodic inspection service the Belt Scanning System is the most powerful tool to monitor the degradation and damage a steel cord belt experiences through its life. With regular scanning, a planned belt maintenance program will increase conveyor availability and belt life.

This system to scan steel cord conveyors belts provides operators a clear picture of the steel cords and splices within the belt, all the information required to fully assess the condition of any cord. Colored graphical images (similar to X – rays) are produced showing all cord damages, corrosions and splices using high speed computers to acquire the data and process.

This represents a major development in the science of steel cord belt analysis. For the first time a conveyor belt operator can view a report which objectively depicts every anomaly and splice within the steel cord belt, including its precise longitudinal and lateral location. Splices graphics show the location of every cord end in the splices, permitting immediate visual assessment of splice construction and condition.

We have scanned many of the most important conveyor systems in Indonesia such as KPC, Indominco, Arutmin NPLCT, Indonesia Bulk Terminal, Krakatau Steel, etc.