Supra provide turn-key project for conveyor belt installation and change-out. We have the resources – expertise and equipment – available in country that can be shipped to jobsites thru out Indonesia.  The conveyor belt installation require proper planning and equipment to ensure the work is carryout in high safety standard, good quality and on schedule. To pull the belt, we use heavy duty “belt-winder winch”. 

Supra belt winder-winch capable of winding of 50 ton of belt and can be used as belt puller to pull belt to/from the system. Supra belt winder-winch is available for rent or contracted to carry-out belt change-out while client can have their in-house contractor or maintenance department performing splicing works.

In the belt change-out work, Supra introduce the concept of “pull and wind” methodology. The new belts will be pre-spliced and flaked in stacks then pull in one continues length at a time, at the same time the old belts will be wind into the belt reels. The method requires minimum shutdown time.

The recent works of belt change-out project is to replace 12.8km of C-26 overland conveyor belt at Bontang Coal Terminal as part of the upgrading project.

The C-26 is conveying coal at 3,700 t/h travelling at 7.2 m/s conveying coal from the stock pile to the coal loading system. To achieve shortest down time for the belt change-out, the 17 roll of new belt will be pre-spliced and flake-out in 2 stacks of belt and pull in one continuous length in 5 days time. At the same time, the old belt will be stored in the empty belt reel. The project was completed 33 hours ahead schedule with no accident.

Supra also involve in stringing and splicing of Newmont overland conveyor.  The conveyor is one of most difficult terrain. Total length is 11 km with downhill curve.