Supra is Indonesia leading company in providing high-quality conveyor maintenance services, conveyor components, wear protection and corrosion protection. Supra have 11 site operation spread out the Indonesia archipelago, from Sumatara to the remote place in Papua.

Our primary involvement is with conveyor belt intensive industries and corrosion protection. We provide services to major industrials plant such as minings, cement plants, power plants, steel mills, bulk terminal, pulp and paper, smelting, quarries/batching plants, fertilizer plants, petrochemical plant, chemical processing plant, water treatment.

Supra is the first conveyor service company in Indonesian to be awarded ISO 9001 in 2004 and succesuflly recertified 2007 by SGS.

Supra is the authorized representative of Rema Tip Top, Shaw Almex, Flexco, Martin Engineering, Contitech, Voith, Etec, Tru Trac, Precismeca, Loctite and Ringfeder.

Supra's main focus is to meet customer's needs in the most efficient and cost effective way. A close collaboration, to outperform those expectations, with the people and organizations involved is an indispensable demand for us. We constanly train and assess our human resources to meet the current challenges. We provides technical consultancy and customized problem solving solutions to our customers around Indonesia.

Supra. is vitally interested in the health and safety of its' employees. Protection and prevention of employees from injury or occupational disease is a major continuing objective. We will make every effort to provide a safe,healthy work environment. All supervisors and workers must be dedicated to the continuing objective of reducing risk of injury.

To this date, we work with various parties to develop JSA's for all type of works in our contract scope. We have officially trained staffs who are certified by the Indonesia Department of Manpower safety officers (Ahli K3 Umum).

Supervisors and workers will be held accountable for the health and safety of workers under their supervision. Supervisors and workers are responsible to ensure that machinery and equipment are safe and that workers work in compliance with established safe work practices and procedures.


Supra offers a wide range of conveyor belt maintenance services which include:

  • Belt change-out and Stringing of overland conveyor
  • Conveyor Preventive & Corrective Maintenance Contract
  • 24 Hour Emergency Field Service covering on–site belt splicing, belt repair, pulley lagging
  • Conveyor Alignment, Tracking and Training for Conveyor Belts
  • Complete Belt Survey and cover thickness measurement
  • Belt Cleaner Installation & maintenance
  • Idler and Pulley change–out
  • Conveyor Modification / Up grading
  • Gearbox & Fluid Coupling maintenance and refurbishments


Supra provide comprehensive Beltcare products range to to keep conveying plants running safely and more productive,

  • REMA TIP TOP conveyor hot and cold splicing and belt repair products, pulley lagging bonding systems.
  • SHAW-ALMEX conveyor belt repair and vulcanizing equipment.
  • FLEXCO belt fastener for fast splicing and repair of fabric conveyor belt.
  • MARTIN belt cleaning, sealing, and conveyor transfer point technology.
  • TRU TRACT belt tracking device.
  • CONTITECH sensor guard for rip detection.
  • VOITH turbo coupling for soft start.


Everywhere where raw materials, aggregates, semi-finished products and waste etc. re conveyed and processed, wear, caking, impact and abrasion cause damage to unprotected plant components. Supra ensures, through its products and extensive know-how, that such valuable heavy-duty equipment continues to work correctly, and significantly increase the service life of equipment. Supra offers a comprehensive range of wear protection materials for different applications:

  • REMALINE & UNILINE rubber linings
  • REMALOX ceramic linings with rubber base
  • REMATHAN polyurethane linings with rubber base
  • REMAFLON polytetraflourethylene linings with rubber base
  • REMALEN polyethylene linings with rubber base
  • REMAPIPE rubber tubes for pipe linings
  • REMASTEEL rubber plates with metal backing
  • ETEC ceramic tiles
  • LOCTITE wearing compound & brushable ceramic
  • SUPRA special design and fabricated IMPACT CURTAIN