Suprabakti Mandiri flag fluttering Carstensz Peak - Meren glacier
31 Juli - 2 Agustus 2010

Kontributor : Suntoro

It was Saturday, 31 July 2010 in the morning. We started getting ready to do a pretty amazing trip. Yeah! We are going to hike Carstensz - Meren, one of the peaks of eternal snow (Glacier) in Indonesia. Precisely located in the district of Timika, Papua.

Group gathered at the shopping center Tembagapura at an altitude of 2000 - 2400m above sea level and set out to use the bus to Mile 74 at an altitude of 2833m above sea journey taken within half an hour. Mile 74 of the group proceeded to use the tram to the GBT / Grasberg taken ± 15 minutes travel time. The Grasberg open pit mine (open pit) which has a height of 3586m above sea level. Of GBT / Grasberg that we will go to Bali at an altitude of 4285m asl Dump. Dump of Bali here we will start to climb to the summit of Carstensz - Meren.

Bali Dump 4285m dpl

From Dump to Zebra Wall Bali, the group walked together up the path to the Carstensz in the night only once - once seen the moon is reluctant to show its light. The time now is 5:00 pm CDT when a new group arrived at Base Camp at an altitude of 4330m above sea level are taken through the 2 ½ hour drive.

the great zebra wall

Slowly the sky began to grow light, the hidden beauties of the night began to unfold, I am amazing. More often spoken words of gratitude, what a terrible beauty, can not imagine how dasyatnya Almighty Creator, diBase Camp After a short rest we continued our journey to the summit of Carstensz - Meren. Hike across the hills, rocks, meadows, many incline, flat, then climbs again. while capturing views of mountains, hills, rocks, grass, small streams flowing rush of singing beautiful melodies.

Some severe climbs, simply subvert the mental and physical, memucatkan tired faces. but we keep the spirit to continue the climb, though we do not know when this will end path.

The journey continues. A lake with beautiful green water began to appear. There are three lakes that will be encountered on the way to the summit of Carstensz, and that is we passed is the first lake. Soon a second look with the color of the lake water is older than the first lake. We had to take some photos at the lake, and then moved to continue the journey again. After passing through some of the climbs are quite snatch the breath, The group finally reached the third lake, the largest lake. On the banks of the lake we took a break to enjoy the gentle breeze blowing, sweeping, pale faces, Group taking a break while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate milk.

Base Camp 4330m dpl

Rest, eat and drink enough, it's time to continue the climb. Look no further lengthening the straight path. Only the sloping cliffs to climb, a sense of resignation. One by one we climb the hill as he paused to take breath to calm down.

And finally exceeded the cliffs, leaving a few steps away, toward the anticipated pucak Carstensz. Snow was already visible, right in front of the eye. The beauty that we never imagined before, after a long journey, we arrived at the summit Carstensz - Meren at an altitude of 4884 m asl (above sea level). It is the satisfaction and pride that we have never felt before. Satisfaction and pride in their own country's highest peak.



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