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Vol 12 (Greeting)






The entire Board of Directors and Employees

PT. Suprabakti Mandiri


Merry Christmas


New Year 2010


vol 11 (Bristle Blaster)


What is the process of blasting with a wire brush?

Blasting with a wire brush is a new method that uses a surface cleaning tool with a wire brush that is designed specifically for the release of corrosion and the formation of anchor profile.

How does this tool do the work of blasting?

Dynamically rotating wire brush through the power tool, which will result in the direct impact that the release of corrosion surface corroded by the ends of a wire brush

How this process is similar to the abrasive grit blasting?

End of a wire brush designed specifically to scrape the rusty surface with a kinetic energy equivalent to the abrasive grit blasting, so as to produce texture and visual cleanliness of the same with the abrasive grit blasting

vol 10 (Dust Control)


Dust in the area of mining, power plants, cement plants, ore processing plants, and bulk handling industry is generally a very disturbing condition of production activity. The dust makes the technicians disturbed vision, breathing, working to slow the process and affect the metal and worker productivity.

One of the greatest contributions of dust in the bulk handling industry is on the conveyor system. Dust mainly occurs in the area around the transfer point, the movement from one conveyor to the next conveyor. Dust out of the left, right, rear and front of the transfer-point, floating pollute the environment. Dust passes through the gap between the impact roller for belt having an impact due to dropping lentutan material.

vol 9 (Greeting)



The entire Board of Directors and Employees

PT. Suprabakti Mandiri


Happy Eid 1 Shawwal 1430 H

Taqoba-lallaahu minna wa minkum, shiyaamanaa wa shiyaamakum Taqobalallahu ya Kariim


vol 8 (Info Seminar)


Suprabakti, pioneer in conveyor maintenance and surface protection technology, will participate in the forth coming Mining Indonesia Exhibition, 14 -17 October 2009. We are delighted and proud to bring-in a group of experience personel to share their knowledge and give you solutions. This seminar is FREE for you. Take this opportunity to meet the experts to discuss your problem. Seats are limited to 30 participants for each session.

Check out the follow dates for the interesting topic and register your participation
by email to :
by fax to : 021 65831666
our by calling : 021 65833666


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