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Vol 7 (Opening The MRO Store)


Suprabakti, develop a service to the needs of the label conveyor Belt Center. Along with the growth and increasing consumer demand, the pace of innovation done. One of them by setting up retail to support consumer demand for conveyor.

retail development to the Supra is an attempt to provide one-stop store to the consumer, providing convenience to consumers to come and pick the goods in accordance with their wishes.

These stores provide consulting services tailored to the use of other products in the concept of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaull). With this concept, the buyer will be provided services such as product knowledge, and training how to use tools so they can apply the right tools at the field.

vol 6 (Martin Evo)


The EVO™ System rethinks the problem of conveyor design from the ground up. It places more emphasis on safety, control of fugitive materials and ease of service.

By including in the design methodology elements that match customer needs for a clean, safe, and productive system, The EVO New Conveyor Architecture presents a system that cost competitive, and is flexible enough to be easily upgradeable to solve operation specific problems.

The EVO™ design system is based on a new hierarchy of needs for conveyors:

  1. Design Capacity
  2. Safety
  3. Cleanliness (Prevention and Control of Fugitive Materials)
  4. Service Friendliness
  5. Cost-Effective
  6. Upgradeability

vol 5 (Voith Coupling)


why should VOITH?

VOITH is the oldest company in the world with the largest network currently producing Fluid Coupling and just focus on the Fluid Coupling.

VOITH is the only company that WARRANT after sales of its products, which is the only company that can perform service or maintenance as a guarantee of after sales service while others simply sell products Spare Parts.

VOITH Coupling is the only brand that has the most complete variety of products compared to similar manufacturer.

Coupling VOITH only in order that the quality of production and quality control remains always awake based on customer needs.

vol 4 (Balikpapan expo)


A total of five countries will take part in the 5th Balikpapan Expo 2009 at the Sports and Convention Center Doom Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.

Suprabakti Mandiri will participate in The 5th Balikpapan Expo 2009, on this occasion will feature Suprabakti Product Conveyor Components and Conveyor Maintenance

Suprabakti Mandiri will display the Demo Super Screw belt splicing, mechanical splicing of a method that is easy, fast, neat, does not damage the conveyor Components, and age of the connection for longer than other types of Mechanical Splice

vol 3 (Belt Cleaner 1C1C)


Without the conveyor Belt Cleaner on other issues will arise and some costs, like do not like to be removed. among them:

  • The cost of material loss because not all of the falling material could be returned to the conveyor.
  • Routine cleaning costs.
  • Return roller early damage costs due to the abrasion effect of the carryback.
  • The cost of damage due to belt mistracking due to thickening of the material in the return roller.
  • There is the potential for accidents due to the work area covered with material that has carryback.

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