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vol 2 (MARTIN® Big Blaster Air Cannon)


Currently clinker cooling process using a cooling unit grate-stationary (static grate cooler system) has been increasingly recognized. Counted so far has two cement factories in Indonesia that use this system, where one of the reasons for the use of these systems is their reliability in receiving a large load capacity than the moving cooling system.

Fundamental difference in the cooling system is located on the use of up to 7 units are designed not moving grate (grate static), in contrast to the previous model which is not moving grate limited to 2 units and the rest are moving grate (movable grate). Limitations of the old model is its low resistance of the grate of the impact and a huge load, especially on large capacity, and this was repaired by one of the cement plant constructors.


Vol 1 (Super Screw)





Duration of application, high rates of down time, equipment and the limited dimensions of the connection area is a factor that is common on the splicing process

Super Screw is a composite material with a screw to lock itself. Besides being available for grafting can also be used as local repair and repair are also elongated.

Super Screw can be used on all types of standard quality Belt, such as Heat Resistant, Heat Retardant, Oil Resistant and Anti-Abrasion with FDA standards and strengthened by his share in both fabric that makes the Super Screw can be easily Drill Hand kencangankan by conventional


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