Techno Konstruksi Maganize Agustus 2012

 width=Dalam rangka turut berpartisipasi dalam pembangunan infrastruktur jalan di Indonesia, Roady Road Machinery Inc., melalui PT Suprabakti Mandiri selaku distributor tunggal Roady di Indonesia, sepakat merumuskan rencana jangka panjang untuk melayani para pelanggan di Indonesia, dengan menghadirkan produk-produk penunjang pekerjaan jalan yang handal dan berkualitas, dengan layanan purna jual yang prima.

Setelah sukses menghadirkan berbagai produk Asphalt Mixing Plant (AMP) yang terbukti keandalan dan kualitasnya di pasar Indonesia, kini Roady Road Machinery kembali menawarkan solusi efektif untuk menunjang pengadaan aspal hotmix, khususnya untuk memenuhi kebutuhan retail, dengan mengaplikasikan teknologi ‘Hotmix Silo’ pada AMP. Dengan teknologi tersebut, selain mampu memberikan pelayanan hotmix sepanjang waktu, juga dapat memberikan efisiensi kerja AMP tanpa mengurangi mutu hotmix yang dihasilkan.

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Veyance Expansion at Australia Conveyor Belt Plant

 width=“Veyance knows what the industry needs, and the expansion will solidify our number one market share globally in the manufacture of Flexsteel® steel cord belts,” Stone said.

“Mining continues to demand higher quality, wider and stronger belts, whether designed for conveyor systems handling iron ore, above ground coal, underground coal or copper/gold ores. This investment will allow us to again exceed our customers’ expectations with durable, long-lasting conveyor belts.”

A new Siempelkemp steel cord press, combined with Veyance’s proprietary individual cord tensioning system will allow the company to produce ST10,000 high strength steel cord belts that many Australian mining projects require. These high strength steel cord belts will require to be spliced by PREFORM® technology locally manufactured and have continuous cord and rip scanning via Veyance’s Cord Guard® XD belt rip and scanning unit.

Veyance Belting is the only vertically integrated Australian manufacturer with its own rubber mixing, compared to other manufacturers who import mixed rubber from overseas. Its new hot former extruder will eliminate the need to calendar rubber covers and will significantly reduce (and in some cases eliminate) the need for cover joins, significantly increasing cover quality and appearance.

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Making Conveyors Cleaner, Safer and More Productive
Equipment Maganize oktober-november 2009

 width=In 2001, Martin Engineering established a business unit in Indonesia. PT Martin Supra Engineering is a joint venture between Martin Engineering and PT Suprabakti Mandiri. Martin Engineering is the leading global supplier of systems to make the handling of bulk materials cleaner, safer, and more productive.

Martin Engineering is consistently the innovative leader in belt cleaning technologies and Martin Supra brings those innovative technologies to Indonesia. The Martin Engineering line of belt cleaners including the DURT TRACKER™, QC™#1, and Super Heavy Duty (SHD) Pre-Cleaners, and the ORION® and SQC™#2 Secondary Cleaners, Martin Engineering’s Super Heavy Duty (SHD) Pre-Cleaner, the largest belt cleaner in the world, is designed for conveyors carrying cargos up to 10,000 TPH at speeds up to 7 m/s. The SHD Belt Cleaner has been used in large mining operations in Indonesia including Freeport, Newmont, KPC, and Indominco.

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Equipment Maganize oktober-november 2009

Dust in the area of mining, power plants, cement plants, ore processing plants, and bulk handling industry is very disturbing production activities. Dust make the vision impaired and respiratory technicians. Work processes to be slow. This condition also affects the mental and worker productivity.

Working in very dusty conditions that potentially lead to accidents. In many cases, the dust can interfere with electrical instruments. Impact of coal dust along conveyor can even cause a fire.

Martin Engineering to develop dust control methods and a reduction in transfer-point with the concept of Passive Control and Dust Suppression. Passive control of engineering skirtboard volume, slowing the rate of dust curtains, the transfer-point sealing system, the setting with smooth the flow of material falling into the surface of the belt, intake air control to-point transfer and use of dust bags (dust bag / insertable dust collector) which aims reducing the air pressure inside skirtboard.

The system consists of Dust Suppression & Fog Spray Suppression, the condensing system using aqueous media, surfactants and foam spray suppression material to enhance the tie between the particles in the transfer-point. The goal is to capture dust particles to become heavier and fall back into the flow of material.

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Cara Efektif Melakukan Panggantian Belt Conveyor
Majalah Tambang edisi September 2009

Withdrawal of belt used in general to do with the loader. Belt length spliced ​​with a new belt and then pull out of the Conveyor System. This method requires a place for laying the old belt and belt marks menyisahkan scrolling problem. This method also requires a relatively long time because the loader must go back and forth.

How to switch the conveyor belt and the above problems can be overcome by penggunanan Belt-winch winder. The use of belt-winch winder safer, effective and fast. belt winder, winch is a tool designed to make withdrawals and simultaneously roll the belt belt belt kedalamgulungan former.

conveyor belt replacement job. In addition to fast, safe and effective, a number of issues waste / used conveyor belt penyimpaan can handle it well. Belt used to choose the parts that can still be used to serve as a backup spare belt for emergency needs. Belt winder also be used to roll a huge belt of rolls.

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Suprabakti Mandiri Pioneer One Stop Kebutuhan Conveyor
Majalah Tambang edisi September 2009

Five years ago, precisely 2004, Suprabakti, suppliers kompenent conveyor and conveyor maintenance services provider, developed a service to the needs of the label conveyor Belt Center. Along with the growth and increasing consumer demand, the pace of innovation done. One of them by setting up retail to support consumer demand for conveyor.

These stores provide consulting services tailored to the use of other products in the concept of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaull). With this concept, the buyer will be provided services such as product knowledge and training in how to use tools so they can apply the right tools when in the field.

Training for these applicators, the more value given to the Customer Supra.

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