surface protection

Supra provide complete range of surface protection method and materials. We provide heavy duty coating and lining to combat extreme abrasion wear, heavy corrosion and erosion, high temperature corrosion and erosion. Our lining materials comprises of :

Rubber, Flake, Wearing compound, Polyurea, brush-able ceramic, ceramic and fused basalt tiles, acid resistant bricks and advanced inorganic polymeric coating materials for extreme high temperature application.

Find more our corrosion resistant product range at Corrotech page.


Wear Protection

Supra provides a complete range of wear resistant liners for transfer points, chutes, bins, and storage silos using high standard lining materials. The selection of lining material is based on operating condition, easy to install and cost effective.

Corrosion Protection

Supra offer Rubber, Flake and Polyurea for corrosion protection in chemical and mineral processing industries. We offer various type of Chemoline rubber lining material ranging from soft rubber, hard rubber, butyl rubber and hypalon base polymer materials. For high temperature wear application we offer Coroflake and Loctite high temp brushable ceramic.

Impact Protection

Impact Wear are mainly found in conveyor transfer chute and loading chute. Supra offer Rema Tip Top ZP rubber profile impact curtain and Loctite Wearing Compound.

Dump Truck Body Lining

The lining of dump trucks body with Remaline HDL rubber liners featuring the following advantageous :

  • absorbs the kinetic energy (loading) better than any other material
  • handles sliding wear (unloading) better than steel
  • has a low gravity and reduces the weight (TARE) of the vehicle
  • generates less noise when loading and unloading
  • increases service life and reduces maintenance intervals and cost

Dump Tuck Lining

Improve Flow

Supra provide experienced field technicians for installing UHMW lining sheets. UHMW lining promote bulk solids flow of cohesive, reduce or eliminate arching, rat holing and erratic material flow challenges in bins, bunkers, hoppers and chutes, railcars, etc.

UHMW can be fabricated - and welded - to provide a solution for nearly any application, whether it's a seamless, drop-in liner; a framed-in liner or even a replacement liner.